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Selebriti dan IVF

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Semoga dapat menaikkan semangat dan pendorong dalam melalui ujian2 yang mendatang...


Sarah Jessica parker used a surrogate to have twin girls Marion & Tabitha in 2009, she was 44. She also has a son James Wilkie born in 2002.

Marcia Cross 45 said she skipped her honeymoon to get straight to ivf ,after several rounds she then switched to ivf with donor eggs to increase her chances due to her age, she gave birth to twin girls Eden & Savannah in 2007.

Celine Dion 42 used ivf/icsi in 2000 to have her son Rene Charles and used it again in 2010 to have her twin sons Nelson & Eddy. She revealed that she had a miscarriage & six rounds of ivf before the successful pregnancy and that initially she was pregnant with triplets but miscarried one.

Courtney Cox suffered many miscarriages & rounds of ivf before having daughter Coco in 2004 at age 40.

Trinny Woodall 39 underwent nine rounds of ivf and several miscarriages before having her daughter Lyla in 2003.

Rod Sewart & Penny Lancaster 39 did three rounds of ivf to fall pregnant with their second child which is due in 2011, they did not use ivf for their first pregnancy with son Alastair.

Brooke Shields used ivf to have her first daughter Rowan in 2003, she had seven treatments and a miscarriage. After the birth she suffered severe post natal depression. She openly speaks about her struggle with ivf and pnd in her book Down came the rain.  She later conceived her second child Grier naturally.

Giuliana 35 & Bill Rancic are currently using ivf to hopefully have their first child. They fell pregnant on their first round but miscarried at 8 weeks.  The 3rd season of their show filmed the highs & lows of the treatment and showed people what going through ivf is like.

Jane Seymour used ivf at 44 to have twin boys Johnny & Christopher in 1995, this was her third pregnancy but first time using ivf.


Carmello said...

Bila banyak baca kisah2 macam ni betul2 naikkan semangat kan..

Suwaibah YS said...

w/pun bila dipikirkan mungkin dri segi teknologi diorang lgi canggih, tapi x bermakna kat sni x mnjadik kan IVF ni...byk je kes kejayaan IVF di Malaysia :)

nuriz iman said...

Kun Faya Kun..apabila Allah kata jadi, maka jadilah!kita wajib berusaha semampu kita.Semoga diperkenankan Allah..Amin..

Muzai Samilan said...

Gigih mereka tu, tp Ya Allah janganlah diduga selama itu. Amin

Jumria Alimuddin said...

Nice info...
ramai rupanya yg berusaha try cara ni...

Diandiana said...

good info buat kita yg sedang ttc...and yg nak buat ivf semoga berjaya :)

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